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About Ulcinj

The coast of Ulcinj is 32, 72 km long, of which 18,10km are beaches. The most beautiful and the largest are sandy beaches of 14, 40 km length. Velika plaza (The Big beach), Mala plaza (The Small beach), Ada Bojana, as well as the beaches Borove sume (The Pine forests) and Valdanos stand out.

Warm, clear and transparent sea whose transparency of 56 meters, measured in Ulcinj, is the biggest on the Adriatic Sea, with mild coastal climate, are an irresistible motif for every tourist.

During the summer months sun heats up to 11.5 hours a day. Sunbathing and swimming season last almost 6 months (from May to October).

Numerous foreign tourists come back to Ulcinj from year to year, because, as they say, the area in which Ulcinj is situated “brings them back the energy and the forgotten emotions”.

The beautiful wild Big beach (Velika Plaza) is 12 km long and 60 m wide, and is only 700 m  away from Hotel Primafila. The Big beach in Ulcinj is favorite among tourists because of the petty sand, whose grain has a diameter of 0, 1 to 0, 5 mm. That sand has very effective healing features, so lying on it is recommended first of all because of the problems with the extremities, sciatica, and spine and for curing of the fertility.

Small beach in Ulcinj or as it is otherwise called city beach has length of 376 meters and the surface of 12.787 m.

On the peninsula Ada Bojana that is paradise beautiful, there is a beach of a same name, exclusively reserved for nudists, which is 1.880 meters long. What is specific about this extremely attractive beach is its very location – as the island around which the beach is situated of a triangular shape, from two sided it is being splashed by the still River Bojana, and from the third side there is the sea, so at the same time there is a possibility of swimming both in salty and sweet water.

The Ulcinj cove Valdanos, is a very unusual and interesting place, with 800 meters long and gravelly beach. The gravel soil ensued from the dismembering of the stony pebbles, spreads over 14.000 meters of useful surface.

Right behind the beach Valdanos, you'll come up to two more beautiful and for tourists, very interesting beaches: Stari Ulcinj (The Old Ulcinj) and the beach Kruce. The Beach Old Ulcinj is 250 meters long and 20 meters wide. Its surface is 5.000 meters. Gravelly beach Kruce is 600 meters long and 10 meters wide, and its surface is 6.000 meters.

If you like an adventure in the natural ambience there you can chose a secret beaches! Such beaches are: Basbuljuk 100 meters long, 19 meters wide and of the surface of 1.000 The beach Maslinjak (Olive grove) takes only 50 meters of the useful surface and it is suitable for more intimate relaxation: (swimming in the sea cove and the rest in the shadows of 100 years old olive trees). Similar are the beaches: Opaljike -100 meters, Dzemilina plaza (Dzemila`s beach) – 150 meters, Ljama – 100 meters, Rejmet beach – 100 meters and the beach Crnogorsko guvno (Montenegrin hearth) in the length of 150 meters. All of these beaches are much more approachable from the sea.

Along the pine forest, between hotels “Albatros” (“Albatross”) and former “Galeb” (“Gull”), on the space of the length of 1 km there is a line of smaller nicely arranged beaches. Those are: Ludovigs, Paneuropa (Pan Europe), Skalice, Borici I (Small pine trees I), Borici II (Small pine trees II), Zenska plaza (Female beach), the beach of the hotel “Albatros” in which a part of the beach is arranged for the nudists. Below the Ulcinj`s old town fortress there is a beach called “Dvora Balsica” (“The Castle of Balsici”), and then the beaches Liman I and Liman II.


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These are just some of the attractions that we list for you here, others will surely discover yourself: THE OLD TOWN, SASKO LAKE, COVE VALDANOS, ADA BOJANA